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Helmsley-Salk Fellows

  • Jesse Dixon
    Dixon is a graduate of Princeton University, where he studied molecular biology and neuroscience. He received his MD/PhD degree at the University of California, San Diego. Dixon focuses on the structure of packages of DNA called chromosomes and what that structure implies for basic biological processes like gene expression and genome organization, which could lead to a better understanding of cancer and evolution.
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Helmsley Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Elena Blanco Suarez Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory (Nicola Allen)
    ‘Identification of an astrocyte-secreted factor that regulates neuronal synapse formation’
  • Aaron Yun Chen Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory (Clodagh O’Shea)
    ‘Determining the role and genomic regulation of a novel p53 activated immune/inflammation pathway in limiting viral and tumor replication ’
  • Shubhroz Gill Regulatory Biology Laboratory (Satchin Panda)
    ‘Clinic in cloud (and lab)’
  • Emily Manoogian Regulatory Biology Laboratory (Satchin Panda)
    ‘Circadian Rhythms for Personalized Health’
  • Hao Li Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory (Xin Jin)
    ‘Optogenetic dissection of network pathophysiology in Parkinson’s disease’
  • Tongfei Liu Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory (Nicola Allen)
    ‘Astrocyte regulation of neuronal synapses’
  • Joanna San Pedro Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory (Clodagh O’Shea)
    ‘Visualizing the nuclear architecture: Development of a universal method for identifying genomic interactions of insoluble protein complexes ’
  • Yu Shi Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory (Tony Hunter)
    ‘Targeting the pancreatic stellate cells for pancreatic cancer therapy’