Center for the Neurobiology of Vision


Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Center for the Neurobiology of Vision - People


Thomas Albright

Professor and Director
Vision Center Laboratory
Conrad T. Prebys Chair in Vision Research

Ursula Bellugi

Professor Emerita
Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience
Salk Founders' Chair

Edward Callaway

Systems Neurobiology Laboratories
Vincent J. Coates Chair in Molecular Neurobiology

Sergei Gepshtein

Staff Scientist
Vision Center Laboratory

Satchidananda Panda

Regulatory Biology Laboratory
Rita and Richard Atkinson Chair

John Reynolds

Systems Neurobiology Laboratory
Fiona and Sanjay Jha Chair in Neuroscience

Terrence Sejnowski

Professor and Laboratory Head
Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
Francis Crick Chair

Tatyana Sharpee

Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
Edwin K. Hunter Chair

Charles F. Stevens

Professor Emeritus
Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory