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Facility Staff

Colleen Heller

Technical Lead

As the Technical Lead for the Behavior Testing Core facility at Salk Institute, Colleen’s primary responsibilities are to provide training and assistance to the core users as well as consultation for study design and testing services. Colleen earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at California State University San Marcos. During Colleen’s undergraduate program her research focused on the behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs using the rat model in the behavioral pharmacology lab of Dr. Keith Trujillo. After Colleen graduated she worked for the Trujillo lab as lab manager. In addition, Colleen also ran the vivarium for the Psychology department.

B.A. in Psychology, California State University San Marcos

Selected Publications
Trujillo, K.A., Smith, M.L., Sullivan, B., Heller, C.Y., Garcia, C. and Bates, M. (2011). The behavioral pharmacology of ketamine: Implications for drug abuse, addiction and psychiatric disorders. ILAR Journal, 52, 366-378.

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