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Due to the growing concern over COVID-19, the Salk Institute has decided to close our campus to all visitors and cancel events through March 30th. Unfortunately, this means that The La Jolla Aging Meeting on March 27, 2020, is cancelled.

4th Annual La Jolla Aging Meeting – Salk institute, Friday March 27, 2020

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9:00 am – Introduction by Malene Hansen

MORNING SESSION I – Chaired by Malene Hansen

9:05 am – Alexey Terskikh, SBP

Epigenetic signatures of aging based on single cell imaging

9:35 am – Abigail Gillespie, Lundblad lab, Salk

Regressed replication forks are a substrate for telomerase in  wild-type cells

9:55 am – Kristoffer Svensson, Schenk lab, UCSD

p300/CBP are essential for skeletal muscle homeostasis and physiological function

10:15 am – Javier Miralles Fusté, Karlseder lab, Salk

ATRX/DAXX complex represses TZAP-induced telomere trimming independently of histone H3.3 deposition

10:35 am – Coffee break and Poster setup

MORNING SESSION II – Chaired by Jan Karlseder

11:00 am – Dylan Reid, Gage lab, Salk

Mapping genome repair hotspots in post-mitotic human neurons

11:20 am – Ming-Hsiang Lee, Chun lab, SBP

Somatic APP gene recombination in Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome brains

11:40 am – Grisel Cruz-Becerra, Kadonaga lab, UCSD

The tardigrade Dsup protein, a protective factor against oxidative DNA damage

12:00 pm – Flash talks (poster previews)

12:10 pm – Remarks by Mark Collins, President, Glenn Foundation for Medical Research

12:20 pm – Lunch and Poster Session I

AFTERNOON SESSION – Chaired by Peter Adams:

2:00 pm – Amandine Chaix, Panda lab, Salk

Time-restricted feeding as a potential intervention against aging and age-related diseases

2:30 pm – Anupama Singh, Chalasani/Hansen lab, Salk/SBP

Role of neuronal peptides in intestinal and organismal aging

2:50 pm – Aaron Havas, Adams lab, SBP

Developing an age-dependent mouse model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and liver cancer

3:10 pm – Adriaan Verhelle, Encalada lab, Scripps

Targeting degradative pathways with small molecules alleviates aggregate burden in age-related prion disease

3:30 pm – Coffee break

KEYNOTE SESSION – Introduction by Peter Adams

4:00 pm – Keynote Speaker: Anne Brunet, Stanford University

The African killifish: a new model to study aging and  ‘suspended life’?

4:45-6:30 pm – Reception and Poster Session II