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Ardent Salk supporter Edwin Hunter appointed to Institute board of trustees

LA JOLLA–The Salk Institute is pleased to announce the election of Edwin K. Hunter, a longtime supporter of the Institute and president of Hunter, Hunter & Sonnier, LLC, to its Board of Trustees. The Board voted on the appointment August 28.


Errant gene turns cells into mobile cancer factories

LA JOLLA–A single stem cell has the potential to generate an animal made of millions of different types of cells. Some cancers contain stem-like but abnormal cells that can act like mini factories to rapidly churn out not only more copies of themselves, but also variants that are able to better survive in the challenging and changing environments to which cancers are exposed. Worse still, these stem cell-like cancers can spread to other tissues in the body, causing metastasis.


Scientists see motor neurons 'walking' in real time

LA JOLLA–When you’re taking a walk around the block, your body is mostly on autopilot–you don’t have to consciously think about alternating which leg you step with or which muscles it takes to lift a foot and put it back down. That’s thanks to a set of cells in your spinal cord that help translate messages between your brain and your motor neurons, which control muscles.


The DNA damage response goes viral: a way in for new cancer treatments

LA JOLLA–Every organism–from a seedling to a president–must protect its DNA at all costs, but precisely how a cell distinguishes between damage to its own DNA and the foreign DNA of an invading virus has remained a mystery.


Salk brain researcher Thomas Albright appointed to National Commission on Forensic Science

LA JOLLA–Salk neuroscientist Thomas Albright has been appointed to the National Commission on Forensic Science by the Department of Justice and the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Receptors in brain linked to schizophrenia, autism

LA JOLLA–The loss of a critical receptor in a special class of inhibitory neurons in the brain may be responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and schizophrenia, according to new research by Salk scientists.


Geoffrey Wahl named a National Cancer Institute Outstanding Investigator Award recipient to further his cancer research

LA JOLLA—Salk Professor Geoffrey Wahl will receive the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Outstanding Investigator Award (OIA), which encourages cancer research with breakthrough potential. Wahl, a professor in Salk's Gene Expression Laboratory, will receive $7.9 million over a seven-year period to further his cancer research.


New insight into how the immune system sounds the alarm

LA JOLLA–T cells are the guardians of our bodies: they constantly search for harmful invaders and diseased cells, ready to swarm and kill off any threats. A better understanding of these watchful sentries could allow scientists to boost the immune response against evasive dangers (e.g., cancer or infections), or to silence it when it mistakenly attacks the body itself (e.g., autoimmune disorders or allergies).


William Brody to retire as Salk Institute President

LA JOLLA–William R. Brody will retire from the Salk Institute on December 31, 2015, having led the Institute through a successful fundraising campaign and launching a number of initiatives to ensure that Salk researchers continue to push the boundaries of science and medicine.


20th Annual Symphony at Salk features jazz sensations Chris Botti and John Pizzarelli

LA JOLLA–The Salk Institute will celebrate 20 years of Symphony at Salk on Saturday, August 29 with a magical evening of jazz. Trumpeter Chris Botti and jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli will join the acclaimed San Diego Symphony, led by distinguished conductor Maestro Thomas Wilkins.


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