May 15, 2020

Statement on the Current Operations at the Salk Institute due to COVID-19

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Statement on the Current Operations at the Salk Institute

The Salk campus remains closed to the public at this time. We do not anticipate reopening to the public until we can do so in a manner that protects the health and safety of Salk employees and guests.

The Institute is currently operating with limited staffing to comply with the current California public health directive to shelter-in-place. The health and safety of our employees remains our top priority. Protective Measures that provide barriers to viral transmission, like physical distancing, handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, and the use of gloves and face masks, are required for those working on campus.

Once public health officials allow, the Institute will begin increasing lab staffing and personnel on campus in a manner that follows public health guidance and maintains safety. Additional measures are being developed and implemented to provide protections for employees working on campus. These include the requirement that anyone entering the campus, including all employees and suppliers or outside service providers performing work on the campus, pass a temperature check and complete a self-administered health evaluation prior to being authorized to enter campus. Outside suppliers and service providers can find the appropriate guidance here.

Thank you for your understanding and support of the Salk Institute during this challenging time.

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