Salk Institute for Biological Studies - May 13, 2019 RSVP

May 13, 2019 RSVP

Highlights of discoveries
from the past year

Martin Hetzer, PhD
Vice President, Chief Science Officer
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Jesse and Caryl Philips Foundation Chair

Of bread and wine …
and how we age

Vicki Lundblad, PhD
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Becky and Ralph S. O'Connor Chair

Most human cells cannot divide indefinitely. Instead, a “clock” counts down the number of times that a cell can divide—and once this countdown is complete, the ability to withstand the degenerative aspects of aging declines. Recent insights from baker's yeast (the same organism used to make bread and wine) suggests that we may be able to tweak this countdown clock, thereby extending healthy lifespan.

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