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Joanne Chory One on One with ... Joanne Chory

A self-described "late bloomer," Joanne Chory has become one of the world's leading plant biologists, driven by the prospect of creating a better world for her family and children around the globe....... [Read more of this interview]

Rusty Gage Salk scientist receives a host of honors, including funding

In recognition of his significant contributions to the field of neurobiology, Salk Institute professor Fred "Rusty" Gage has been honored with four awards on two continents........ [Read more of this story]

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Discovery Roundup

Unnatural chemical "Unnatural" chemical allows researchers to watch protein action in brain cells

Researchers in the lab of Lei Wang have genetically incorporated "unnatural" amino acids..... 

Salk Institute A new ending to an old "tail"

In stark contrast to normal cells, which only divide a finite number of times before they enter into a permanent state of growth arrest or simply die, cancer cells never cease to proliferate. ....... 

Salk Institute Patients' own cells yield new insights into the biology of schizophrenia

Even after a century of studying the causes of schizophrenia—the most persistent disabling condition among adults—scientists still don't know the cause of the disorder........ 

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Geoff Wahl San Diego salkexcellerators spend special evening with Dr. Geoff Wahl

In his presentation, Wahl explained how his research tries to determine, at the molecular level, the various ways cancer originates and progresses and why tumors become resistant to even the most powerful anti-cancer drugs....

Sam Pfaff Salk in the City…New York: Salk leaves mark on Big Apple

Salk science was the focus in April, when New York friends, supporters and guests of the Institute gathered at two separate events for updates on research, to socialize and to become better acquainted with Salk....

Fred Gage Second annual golf tournament raises funds to support scientific discovery

More than 65 golfers hit the links at the beautiful Del Mar Country Club on May 10 to participate in the 2nd annual Salk Institute Golf Tournament....

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