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John Young One on One with ... John Young

Intensity and determination. Whether he is probing the complexities of AIDS viral infection or bicycling through Death Valley, the words seem to capture John Young's operating style..... [Read more of this interview]

Scientific Symposium Scientific Symposium and Salk Institute Medals Presentation Mark End of 50th Anniversary

It was the perfect finale to the Salk Institute's 50th anniversary celebration: a three-day symposium that feted the Institute's entire reason for being: world-class science...... [Read more of this story]

Salk Renovation Salk Institute Launches Infrastructure Renewal and Expansion Project

Fifty years later, the iconic architecture continues to inspire, but inside, the once cutting-edge infrastructure is showing its age....... [Read more of this story]

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Discovery Roundup

Telomeres Ticking of Cellular Clock Reverberates Throughout the Landscape of Aging

Like cats, human cells have a finite number of lives. Once they divide a certain number of times, they change shape, slow their pace, and eventually stop dividing.... 

Salk Institute Retooling the Common Cold Virus to Target Cancer Cells?

When a cell is under stress, the tumor suppressor p53 springs into action, activating an army of foot soldiers that initiate a built-in "autodestruct" mechanism to eliminate virus infected cells...... 

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Symphony 15th Annual Symphony at Salk, Starring Legendary Entertainer Liza Minnelli, Raises Over $1 Million for Research

It was an unforgettable night of old school song and dance as the incomparable Liza Minnelli took to the stage for the 15th annual Symphony at Salk, held August 28 in the Theodore Gildred Court.

Fred Gage Salk Institute Receives Over $15 Million from Helmsley Trust to Support Collaboration with Columbia University for Stem Cell Research

Two years since its initial $11.5 million contribution to launch the Nomis Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis, the Switzerland-based Nomis Foundation has gifted an additional $6.5 million in support of continued research efforts in understanding infectious disease.

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