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Inside SalkOctober 2009
Institute Establishes
Presidential Chair to
Honor IrwinM. Jacobs
TheSalk Institutehasestablished
IrwinM. Jacobs Presidential Chair
based on an endowment fromQualcomm
and its employees. The Chair commemo-
rates Jacobs’ decision to step down as
chairman of Qualcomm’s Board of Directors
and recognizes his ongoing dedicated
leadership of the Salk Institute’s Board
of Trustees.
The Presidential Chair will be Salk’s
largest endowment of its kind and will pro-
vide $4million to the Institute when fully
funded. The inaugural chair-holder will be
the Salk President,
WilliamR. Brody
“Endowing a chair that will help ensure
superb leadership at the Salk seemed
a very fitting way to honor Irwin,” said
Paul E. Jacobs
, chairman and CEO of
Qualcomm. “His legacy is linked to the
attraction and development of the world’s
finest executive talent, and his instincts are
always tomotivate, encourage and promote
groundbreaking research.”
“Irwin Jacobs’ exemplary leadership of
the Salk Board has been critical to enhanc-
ing the Institute’s international renown,”
said Salk Executive Vice President
. “This Presidential Chair is the
perfect recognition of Irwin’s inspiring guid-
ance and commitment to the Salk’s future.”
Irwin Jacobs and his Qualcomm co-
founders redefined how the world thinks
of telecommunications and information
technology. More than 20 years after its
start, Qualcomm is a leading innovator of
advanced wireless technologies, products
and services.
“We are pleased and proud to play a
role in the ongoing excellence of the Salk
Institute,” said Paul Jacobs. “Salk discov-
eries are transforming our understanding
of human health, and this is an outstand-
ing way to support one of Irwin’s major
Longtime Donor Ruth Hamill Bequeaths
$250K to Institute
Whenshewasn’t takingherdaily two-milewalknearherhome
or meeting with friends from her sewing club, youmight catchRuthHamill
playing a game of tennis or volunteering withMeals onWheels. But when she
received invitations to the Salk Institute over the years, she wouldn’t pass up
the chance to hear presentations on scientific research, yet another one of her
longtime interests.
“I invited her to come hear a scientist speak at one of Salk’s events in the
1990s because I knew she was interested in biomedical issues and research in
general,” saidRuth’s friend and attorney for nearly 20 years RichardMuscio,
who previously served on Salk’s PlannedGiving Advisory Committee.
“After that first meeting, she just fell in love with the place,” he said. “Ruth
loved hearing new ideas. She was just fascinated by the depth and breadth of
knowledge and the creativity of Salk’s researchers.”
The science of cognition was of particular interest to Ruth, more so after
her husband, King, developed Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in 2006.
The couple supported Salk research asmembers of the President’s Club and
eventually decided to include the Institute in their estate plan, which resulted
in a $250,800 unrestricted contributionwhenRuth passed away inMarch.
Ruth is survived by her two sons, Rick andDean, who are very supportive
of their parents’ philanthropic endeavors, Muscio said.
King andRuthHamill
Ruth loved hearing new ideas. She was just
fascinated by the depth and breadth of knowledge
and the creativity of Salk’s researchers.
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