Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Montminy Celebration

Montminy Celebration

Marc Montminy’s 62nd Birthday Symposium

Marc Montminy joined the Salk Institute in 1986 as an assistant professor in the Peptide Biology Laboratory with the goal of characterizing the mechanisms by which hormones and environmental cues regulate cellular gene expression. Over the ensuing decades, his lab has demonstrated the importance of phosphorylation in modulating the activities of CREB and its coactivators, the CRTCs. They have also uncovered an important role for the CREB/CRTC pathway in nutrient and energy balance. Marc has mentored nearly 100 postdocs and students, some of whom will highlight their current work in an all-day symposium on August 31, 2018.

Please join us for a Celebration of 30 years of CREB Signaling!

Symposium Organizers:
Ling Qi, Ph.D., Former lab member, Professor, University of Michigan
Debbie Doan, Montminy lab Administrator
Susie Hedrick, Montminy lab Coordinator

“Marc channeling Liberace”
A poster by J. Simon
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