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Friday, March 29, 2019

9:00 am  Introduction by Malene Hansen, SBP

MORNING SESSION I – chaired by Malene Hansen, SBP

9:05 am Isabel Salas, Allen lab, Salk – Astrocytes in aging and Alzheimer’s disease

9:25 am David Sala Cano, Sacco lab, SBP – The Stat3-Fam3a axis regulates skeletal muscle regenerative potential

9:45 am Tina Wang, Ideker lab, UCSD  – A conserved epigenetic progression aligns dog  and human age

10:05 am Rigo Cintron-Colon, Conti lab, Scripps 

  Identifying the molecules that regulate temperature during calorie restriction

10:25 am  Coffee break & poster setup

MORNING SESSION II – chaired by Jan Karlseder, Salk

11:00 am Nan Hao, UCSD – Programmed fate bifurcation during cellular aging

11:30 am Shefali Krishna, Hetzer lab, Salk – Long-lived proteins in the mitochondria and their role in aging

11:50 am Sal Loguercio, Balch lab, Scripps – Tracking aging with spatial profiling

12:10 pm Alva Sainz, Shadel lab, Salk – Cytoplasmic mtDNA-mediated inflammatory signaling in cellular aging

12:30 pm Remarks by Mark Collins, President, Glenn Foundation for Medical Research

12:40 pm  Lunch break

AFTERNOON SESSION – chaired by Peter Adams, SBP

2:00 pm Anthony Molina, UCSD – Mitochondrial bioenergetics and healthy aging: Advancing precision healthcare for older adults

2:30 pm Alice Chen, Cravatt lab, Scripps – Pharmacological convergence reveals a lipid pathway that regulates C. elegans lifespan

2:50 pm Robert Radford, Karlseder lab, Salk – TIN2: Communicating telomere status to mitochondria in aging

3:10 pm Jose Nieto-Torres, Hansen lab, SBP – Regulating cellular recycling: role of LC3B phosphorylation in vesicle transport

3:30 pm  Coffee break

KEYNOTE SESSION– chaired by Peter Adams, SBP

4:00 pm Matt Kaeberlein, University of Washington, Seattle – New insights into mechanisms by which mTOR modulates metabolism, mitochondrial disease and aging

4:45 pm  Poster session & Reception – Prizes donated by Nanostring