Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Inaugural Integrative Biology Symposium

Inaugural Integrative Biology Symposium

SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2019


The Salk Integrative Biology Symposium aims to bring together scientists working at the interface of computational and experimental biology. The theme of the Inaugural Salk Integrative Biology Symposium will be “Quantitative Bridges between Genotypes and Phenotypes” and aims to highlight novel, quantitative approaches to unravel the genotype to phenotype problem.

This 1.5 day symposium will include keynote lectures by several leaders in the field of quantitative biology, as well as internal speakers from the Salk Integrative Biology Laboratory (the most recently established department at the Salk), talks from submitted abstracts, and a poster session. We aim to spark interest and collaboration in this exciting research area and build a continued presence in the greater San Diego area and beyond.