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Chair’s Circle

The Chair’s Circle is the premier support level of the Salk Annual Fund. Chair Circle donations give Salk the flexibility to respond quickly to promising new opportunities, where the need is the greatest and where they will have the greatest impact. This kind of flexibility will accelerate the pace of discovery and bring us closer to new, life-changing treatments for a host of illnesses. By pursuing new knowledge and gaining new insights into basic biological mechanisms, Salk researchers are laying critical groundwork for tomorrow’s treatments, diagnostics and even cures.

Chair Circle donors are invited to a private lunch with the president and senior researcher, exclusive events and unique gatherings with Salk scientists that provide opportunities to discuss specific areas of research interest, complimentary admission to special events and private receptions, and they also receive special communications and individual reports on the impact of their gifts. Please consider investing in tomorrow’s health at the Salk Institute by making your Chair’s Circle gift at $25,000 and above.