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Alumni-Faculty Fund

Current Salk faculty and alumni contribute to the future of scientific discovery through their generosity in addition to their work. Each year, a gifted postdoctoral scholar is awarded the Alumni-Faculty Fellowship, supported by the Alumni-Faculty Fellowship Fund.

Your participation is the driving force in our success. You can inspire others to contribute to the future of scientific excellence at Salk and ensure that, together, we are able to support our successors. Join us in honoring a deserving postdoctoral scholar through this prestigious fellowship by making a gift.

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Alumni-Faculty Fellowship Recipients

Ayesha Thanawalla

Ayesha Thanawalla, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2021
Eiman Azim Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

Qingqing Xie

Hsiuyi Chen, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2020
Graham McVicker Integrative Biology Laboratory

Qingqing Xie

Qingqing Xie, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2019
Wolfgang Busch Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory

Rajasree Kalagiri

Rajasree Kalagiri, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2018
Tony Hunter Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory

Jerad Smith

Jared Smith, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2017
Xin Jin Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory
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Ting Fu

Ting Fu, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2016
Ronald Evans Gene Expression Laboratory
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Maya Ridinger, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2015
Geoffrey Wahl Gene Expression Laboratory
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Kevin Curran, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2014
Shrek Chalasani Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory
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Seung Choi, PhD

Fellowship Recipient 2013
Kathy Jones Regulatory Biology Laboratory

Alumni gatherings

Salk Alumni include scientists and staff who have worked at the Institute—former faculty, postdocs, graduate students, technicians, collaborators, administrators, and visiting faculty. They are also invited to not only join our alumni association but return to Salk for our annual gathering.

Each year, Salk alumni are invited back to the Institute to participate in a panel discussion on post-Salk career paths available to current Salk trainees. Our alumni can be found in virtually all fields of work, private industry, academia and government, so they are able to provide invaluable insights for Salk postdocs as the next generation prepares to enter the workforce. The panel is followed by a casual reception where alumni and postdocs can spend some time networking and connecting with old friends and familiar faces.

Updates on future gatherings are sent to all alumni, provided we have their contact information. To make sure you don’t miss the next Alumni event, please make sure to send an updated email address to! And don’t forget to join the Salk Alumni LinkedIn group by clicking here!