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I enjoy my interactions with the Salkexcellerators on so many levels. I’ve met great people —the scientists, post docs and other members — and I’ve learned an enormous amount because the science is fascinating. Finally, I love knowing that John and I are making a contribution toward the betterment of biomedical science and the lives of people who will benefit from the discoveries at Salk.

~Laing F. Rikkers, VP & Managing Director HealthpointCapital

We contribute to Salkexcellerators because we enjoy hearing about the groundbreaking work at the Salk Institute and we are thrilled to support the numerous contributions Salk scientists are making to the advancement of biological and medical science.

~Denise and Mark Drucker, Co-Founder & CEO of IO Semiconductor, Inc.

The opportunity to learn about groundbreaking biomedical research directly from world-renowned scientists is incredible and exciting. Being part of the Salkexcellerators piques my own interest in science and supports important Salk discoveries.

~Monica Piepenkotter, Private Wealth Advisor

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Director of Annual Giving
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