Gain an inside look at the Institute’s latest research by joining the Salkexcellerators.

Salkexcellerators are community members in San Diego and New York City who share a commitment to supporting scientific discovery at Salk. Members receive invitations to private receptions and scientific presentations on the most critical health-related issues of the 21st century.

Meet this year's recipient of the Salkexcellerators Fellowship - Amy Rommel

Amy Rommel works in the lab of Inder Verma, professor in the Laboratory of Genetics. Verma's Lab focuses on modeling human disease and utilizing these models to better understand disease states in order to develop novel therapeutic strategies. Rommel is focusing her efforts on one of the most lethal forms of cancer, glioblastoma. Her research into how the "stem-cell-like" tumor overcomes therapeutic attacks by adapting, mutating, migrating and invading into other tissues has uncovered a mechanism by which the tumor has potentially cured itself, albeit in a small population of tumor cells. Rommel's current work proposes novel strategies to treat glioblastoma by reverse engineering this mechanism by which the tumor is already using, converting the stem-like, tumor initiating cells back to "normal" non-tumor initiating cells on a wider scale, potentially changing the game on how we treat cancer.

Salkexcellerators Fund

Salkexcellerators support a restricted fund that provides an annual fellowship for talented Salk postdoctoral scholars. 100 percent of your contribution will provide support for salary, supplies and travel expenses. Salk scientists are making ground breaking discoveries that lead to new diagnostics, therapeutics and cures.

Jelena Ostojić

Fellowship Recipient 2014
Montminy Lab

Jonathan Nassi

Fellowship Recipient 2013
Reynolds Lab

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