The Sun

Measuring 15 feet tall, The Sun is a massing of bright orange and yellow hand-blown glass forms protruding from a steel core. Born out of Chihuly's Chandeliers (the artist imagined what his Chandeliers would look like if they were turned upside down), The Sun is also an engineering feat for the studio. "If you take a thousand blown pieces of a color, put them together, and then shoot light through them, that's going to be something to look at," says Chihuly. "It's mysterious, defying gravity or seemingly out of place — like something you have never seen before."

Float Boat

Chihuly first filled boats with glass in Nuutajärvi, Finland, during the Chihuly Over Venice project in 1995. After several days of glass blowing, Chihuly and his team made temporary installations along the Nuutajoki, the river nearby. He often tossed glass into the river, letting it float downstream. When the team found a partially submerged wooden rowboat, Chihuly filled it so that it was overflowing with glass.


Macchia (pronounced mock-ee-ah) means "spotted" in Italian, and developed from Chihuly's desire to explore different color combinations. Each work is speckled with color, which comes from rolling the molten glass in smaller shards of colored glass during the blowing process. The interiors and exteriors are different — separated by a layer of white opaque glass.

White Tower

Featuring blown-glass pieces ranging from white to light and neon pink, White Tower is made up of chandelier parts in a traditional Czech motif. Standing 15 feet tall, the components of this piece were blown in the Czech Republic.