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Abberior STED demo

The Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Core will be testing a new “STEDYCON” STED system from Abberior from October 2-13. I’ve created a worksheet for people to sign up to test it on their own samples here. Note that while I have broken time slots into 2-hour chunks, you can sign up for up to two for now (and more if not all are taken by the time the demo commences). This is a really cool system that can be added to almost any upright microscope with a camera port to achieve STED-level superresolution imaging.
We also have special dyes developed by Stefan Hell’s group which are highly recommended for STED imaging which you can use to stain your samples. Please contact me if you would like to try the system or the dyes, or have any questions about the demo in general.
Before planning for the demo, please read all of the “literature” on the STEDYCON system as well as the aforementioned Abberior dyes here.
Figure (taken from here) caption:
“Two subunits of the nuclear pore complex were immunolabelled using antibodies against gp210 and antibodies with multiple specificities (PAN4/5) and secondary antibodies coupled to Abberior STAR580 and Abberior STAR635P. Note that gp210 is localized in an eightfold symmetric structure at the rim of the nuclear pore complex. Shown is RAW DATA. Images were acquired using a STEDYCON attached to a Nikon Eclipse Ni.”
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