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Learning and Development

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Equity & Inclusion - Learning and Development

Learning and Development

The OEI offers a variety of learning and development opportunities that are designed to promote inclusive excellence at both the individual and organizational level.

Scientist presenting a poster.

With mentoring proven to be an effective, evidence-based strategy for advancing underrepresented minorities in STEM, our programs aim to connect mentors and mentees with professional development opportunities and an enhanced support network.

At least twice each year, in collaboration with the Postdoctoral Office, we offer Entering Research Mentoring, an interactive, discussion-based series developed from research conducted at the University of Wisconsin and funded by the NIH.

The OEI is charged with identifying, evaluating and implementing live, self-paced and on demand learning opportunities to increase awareness and understanding of topics that lead to positive and productive interactions with those who make our research setting a unique environment for learning and working.

Other personal development opportunities promote interactive learning through discussions of important and challenging topics in today’s world.