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Groups and Initiatives

The Office of Equity and Inclusion supports and collaborates with a variety of groups to advance Institute objectives related to diversity and inclusion. Below are summaries and, where applicable, links to their pages on this site. If you would like to learn more about any of them, please contact oei@salk.edu and we will either provide you more information or put you in touch with a member of the group’s leadership team.

Affinity Groups

Salk supports affinity groups as they are a resource for trainees and employees. The Office of Equity & Inclusion is actively invested in the success of our affinity group network, which launched in 2020. These groups aim to enhance employee wellbeing, strengthen the Salk culture, and offer a platform for advocating for the interests of a particular group to enhance inclusion and belonging at the Institute.

Campus Culture Advisory Committee

The Campus Culture Advisory Committee was formed to identify cultural issues of concern to various campus constituent groups and to understand the bases for these concerns. Committee membership includes a broad cross section of faculty and administrative staff to examine any other issues pertaining to behavior, power differentials, training, etc., that may (or may not) exist in the Salk culture. Committee members are expected to engage in outreach across the campus to identify concerns and will make recommendations or propose specific actions to bring about positive, measurable outcomes that will help ensure a diverse, welcoming and transparent workplace.

Advisory Council on Diversity

When the Campus Culture Advisory Committee was formed, Salk committed to creating a Diversity Task Force, which was formally established and its scope broadened to help ensure greater inclusion. Among the immediate charges of the task force will be to identify ways in which we can fight systemic racism and injustice. Working in concert with faculty and staff, the council is focused on increasing the diversity of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) at Salk and other initiatives.

Education Outreach

Over the past 40 years, Salk Education Outreach has delivered innovative, engaging STEM learning experiences to thousands of students — a majority of whom come from underrepresented and underserved communities. Salk’s world-class faculty and staff are key partners in Salk Education Outreach, imparting their passion and knowledge of innovative research that impacts human health to help inspire and launch the next generation of scientists.

National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine Action Collaborative on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

Salk is proud to be a member of this limited-entity collaborative, which “brings together leaders from over 60 academic and research institutions and key stakeholders to work toward targeted, collective action on addressing and preventing sexual harassment across all disciplines and among all people in higher education. The Action Collaborative creates an active space where colleges, universities, and other research and training institutions will identify, research, develop, and implement efforts that move beyond basic legal compliance to evidence-based policies and practices for addressing and preventing all forms of sexual harassment and promoting a campus climate of civility and respect.”

Please visit this page to download the 2018 NASEM Report on Sexual Harassment of Women at no charge. Read Salk’s commitment letter to the Action Collaborative.

Salk Women & Science

Salk Women & Science is an ongoing program that engages women in the community with leaders in biological science and technology. The program provides a dynamic and vibrant forum in which community and business leaders and Salk’s women of science have an opportunity to gather as friends, entrepreneurs and researchers to discuss the latest discoveries in science and technology while inspiring more women to embrace scientific research as a focus of personal and philanthropic interest.

Society of Research Fellows

The Salk Society of Research Fellows (SRF) is a group comprised of graduate and postdoctoral trainees. The goal of the SRF is to foster a sense of community among the research community at the Salk Institute. SRF activities, organized by a volunteer committee of postdoctoral and student representatives, include the Salk Ambassador Program and SalkFEST.