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Reservation Instructions: There are currently two PCR Activity kits available. Equipment models differ between the kits but the general principles are the same. Please note that these kits include the equipment only for performing both PCR AND the gel electrophoresis needed to visualize the PCR results. Reagents for either kit MUST be acquired separately. Contact for information on reagent sourcing. Refer to the calendar to see when each kit is currently reserved. If the kit you are interested in is available (ie – not listed on the calendar) during the time period you are interested in please email the appropriate contact with your reservation request. Kits may be reserved for up to 2 weeks by a single teacher, additional weeks as needed can be requested if the kit is going to be used by more than one teacher in a school or district group before being returned. Please allow at least two days between a kit’s return from a previous reservation and your pick up request date and be aware that your exact requested pick up date is subject to scheduling on our end and may not be able to be accommodated.

MULLIS (miniPCR) – reserve via Pick up and Return locations negotiable
TAQ (miniOne) – reserve via Andy Relopez, MiraCosta College: Pick up and return at MiraCosta College, Oceanside Campus