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Meeting Program

Third Annual Symposium
Fluorescence and Beyond Illuminating the Dark World

Friday September 26, 2014

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Session I Chair, Martin Hetzer
Professor and Faculty Director, WABC, Salk Institute
9:00 AM Mark Ellisman
UC San Diego
Toward Making the Invisible and Complicated Understandable: Imaging Across Scales and Modalities
9:45 AM Alice Ting
Spatially-resolved proteomic mapping of mitochondria in living cells using an engineered peroxidase reporter
10:30 AM Coffee Break  
11:00 AM Eric Kool
Stanford University
Oligomeric DNA fluorophores for labeling and chemosensing
11:45 AM Clodagh O'Shea
Salk Institute
Cracking the Nucleus: Visualizing the Higher Order Coding Structures of DNA
12:30 PM Lunch/Vendor Show/Posters  
Session IIChair, Axel Nimmerjahn
Assistant Professor, WABC, Salk Institute
2:00 PM Luke Lavis
Janelia Farm Research Campus
Old dyes, new tricks: Building better fluorophores for single-molecule imaging
2:45 PM Graduate Student/Post-Doc Short Talks
3:30 PM Coffee Break  
4:00 PM Taekjip Ha
HHMI/University of Illinois
Bringing single molecule approaches to cell biology
4:45 PM Daniel Larson
Regulation of Transcription and RNA Processing in Single Cells: Understanding Heterogeneity in Gene Expression
5:30 PM Reception 

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