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The Stem Cell Core houses 3 cell culture suites, lab benches, a microscope room, and an equipment room. Each cell culture room is outfitted with 3-4 bio-safety cabinets, a multiple CO2 incubators, a low oxygen incubator in each room and inverted microscopes and requisite equipment for stem cell culture in each suite. The microscope room is equipped with a pair of inverted fluorescence microscope (Olympus IX-51) and a live cell imaging system (Vivaview). We are also located adjacent to the Flow Cytometry Core Facility facilitating cell sorting and cytometry analysis experiments. The core is also equipped with a Celigo adherent cell cytometer. Liquid-nitrogen cryostorage tanks, freezers, cold-storage and a Beckman Ultra-centrifuge can also be found in the core.

In an effort to minimize and contain the exposure of this cell culture facility to mycoplasma, some basic rules have been put in place:

1) The Core Director, Travis Berggren must first approve all new cell types or cell cultures that will be brought into the facility. This includes both live and frozen cell lines, from both commercial and academic sources. These will then be cultured in the quarantine section until they have tested clean for mycoplasma in 2 consecutive tests.

2) Under no circumstances shall any materials from outside the Core be brought into the "hES cell only" culture suite, aka: the "clean room".

3) Do not bring previously opened reagents, supplies or materials from other labs into the facility. In some instances this may be necessary, but must first be cleared with the Core Director.

4) Unopened, direct from supplier, cell culture media and materials may be brought into the facility.

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