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Sample submission

Prior to sample preparation and submission, please contact Nasun Hah, PhD.

For bioinformatics data analysis advice, please contact Salk Bioinformatics (IGC Core) or visit

Download appropriate submission forms and fill out completely according to instructions on the first sheet.

Email completed Sample Forms to and cc Nasun Hah, PhD.

Bio-Rad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System Resources


RNA-Seq Samples Submission Guidelines


DNA-Seq Samples Submission Guidelines


Sample requirements

Type of Library Concentration (determined by Qubit) Volume QC (determined by Tape Station or Bioanalyzer)
Non-Stranded mRNA (PolyA-selected) 8 ng/uL 100 uL RIN* > 7
Stranded mRNA (PolyA-selected) 8 ng/uL 100 uL RIN > 7
Total RNA (Ribosomal & Mitochondrial RNA depleted) 40 ng/uL 20 uL RIN > 7
Small RNA 170 ng/uL 15 uL RIN > 7
Whole Genome 40 ng/uL 120 uL >60KB
Mouse Exome 40 ng/uL 120 uL >60KB
Human Exome 10 ng/uL 15 uL >60KB
ChIP, Fragmented DNA 1 ng/uL 110 uL 100-800bp

*RNA Integrity Number (RNA quality, ranging from 0 (degraded) to 10 (perfect); calculated by TapeStation or Bioanalyzer software)