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S08013: Chory

A Zinc Protein That Controls Morning-specific Growth in Plants
Growth in plants is modulated by a complex interplay between internal signals and external cues.

S06016: Chory

Compositions, Cells, and Plants that Include BK11, A Negative Regulator of BRI1-Mediated BR Signaling
The BRI1 gene encodes a receptor serine/threonine kinase. Loss-of-function mutations in BRI1 result in dwarf plants that resemble steroid-deficient plants.

S02023: Chory

Modulation of Flowering Time by the PFT1 Locus
A gene useful in protecting crops from shade-avoidance resulting in increased yields

S01015: Chory

DAS5, a P450 Protein Involved in the Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis Pathway of Plants
Genetic modifications of plants to increase the expression of DAS5 results in a variety of useful phenotypes such as increased fresh weight and increased overall plant size.

S01014: Chory

Genes Involved in Brassinosteroid Hormone Action in Plants
Methods of altering plant phenotypes including plant size by altering the genes encoding the Brassinozole Resistant 1 (BZR1) Polypeptide.

S00015: Chory

Expression of Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases in Plants
A gene to increase plant growth and yield by increasing endogenous auxin levels.

S97020: Chory

Receptor Kinase, BIN1
Genetic modification of plants to increase BIN1 expression results in a variety of useful phenotypes such as increased yield, enhanced disease resistance, and increased biomass

S96011: Chory

Plant steroid 5 alpha Reductase, DET 2
Increased plant yield using a novel gene, DET2 involved in brassinolide synthesis.

S01009: Ecker

Methods and Compositions to Modulate Ethylene Sensitivity
Novel transcription factors affecting ethylene sensitivity in plants

S01008: Ecker

Ethylene Insensitive Plants
Mutants conferring ethylene insensitivity on plants

S01002: Ecker

Genetic Control of Organ Abscission (NEVERSHED)
Mutation in the NEVERSHED family resulting in decreased plant organ abscission. NEV provides opportunities to increase crop yield and to control shedding.

S96006: Lamb

Method of Increasing Growth and Yield in Plants (Cyclin)
CYC1 Cyclin gene, which promotes increased root mass, shoot and fruit growth

S06006: Noel

Metabolic engineering of lipid metabolism by improving fatty acid binding and transport
Metabolic pathway engineering of lipids in plants; protein crystallography and design.

S00010B: Noel

Modulation of Mevalonate-Independent Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathway
Templates for the design of novel antibacterial and antiparasitic drugs

S97038: Weigel

Flowering Locus T (FT) and Genetically Modified Plants having Modulated Flower Development
A novel gene that modulates the flowering time of plants.

S94047: Weigel

Genetically Modified Plants Having Modulated Flower Development
Inducing early flowering or sterility in plants

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