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Technology for Infection and Viral Applications

Technology for Infection and Viral Applications

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S00014: Bushman

Method of Rapidly Identifying Inhibitors of Topoisomerase DNA Religation
High throughput screen for compounds that modulate topoisomerase activity

S97022B: Bushman

Assay for Integration Inhibitors Using Pre-Integration Complexes
A screen for viral integrase inhibitors

S00010B: Noel

Modulation of Mevalonate-Independent Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathway
Templates for the design of novel antibacterial and antiparasitic drugs

S05006: Sefton

Methods of Inhibiting Poxvirus Growth
Targets for the development of anti-smallpox drugs

S07014: Young

Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
Novel NNRTIs, compounds and pharmaceutical compositions for reducing HIV infection and replication.

S07001: Young

A Novel Antitoxin and Vaccine Platform Based on Nodavirus VLPS
A novel, chimeric virus-like particle (VLP) capable of multivalent display of PA shows significant advantages over existing monovalent PA immunogens for anthrax toxin. Studies indicate VLP-PA complex may eliminate the need for lengthy immunization schedules by providing immunity after a single injection, and has potential to generate effective vaccines against other pathogens, including combination vaccines immunizing against multiple toxins.

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