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December 2013

Scientists see relief in budget deal
U-T San Diego

Salk Institute Names Alan Gold and David Hale to Its Board
San Diego Business Journal

New method for determining structure of key cellular receptors could speed drug development
Medical News Today

New Method for Determining Structure of GPCRs
Drug Discovery and Development

November 2013

Unique Gene Combinations Reshape Our Brains and Behaviors
Psychology Today

BIOPHOTONICS RESEARCH FUNDING: Flexible funding options for biophotonics
BioOptics World

Lab-Grown Kidney Buds
The Scientist

First-ever 'mini-kidney' organs created from human stem cells
Fierce Biotech

Next Wave In Stem Cells
San Diego Business Journal

SCI Detour
PVA Magazine

San Diego 'brainiest' city in US
San Diego Union Tribune

Our Speckled Brains
National Geographic

Scientists Find Surprising Degree Of Genetic Variation In Human Brain
International Business Times

October 2013

A clear mechanistic link
Drug Discovery News

Genetic Diversity in the Brain
The Scientist

Bubble kid' success puts gene therapy back on track
Scientific American

Remembering Jonas Salk on the Anniversary of His Birthday

Humans Restrain Jumping DNA That Chimps Allow To Run Free
National Geographic

Genome Digest
The Scientist

Human genetic similarity explained
UT San Diego

A Light Switch changes the Shape of Brain Proteins
Austrian Tribune

Optogenetics controls protein activity in living neurons

Salk Scientists Create A Light Switch For Brain Proteins

5 free things in San Diego, beyond surf and sand
Yahoo News

Neuroscience: Through the eyes of a mouse

A History of Salk
La Jolla Light

Salk initiates new music series
U-T San Diego

Mind meets architecture
Ottawa Citizen

Salk Institute appoints new communications chief
The Daily Transcript

How the brain handles big data
Phys Org

September 2013


A Detailed Map Of Neural Connections in Human Brain Is Being Developed by Scientists

National Neuroscience Effort Zooms In On Brain Circuits

Hope for sufferers of Alzheimer's disease now closer to reality

Gut Bacteria Might Contribute to Obesity
Voice of America

Salk researchers develop new model to study schizophrenia and other neurological conditions
Medical News Today

Local researcher to receive grant for breast cancer
San Diego Union Tribune

Salk team looking anew at cancer through eyes of survivor
San Diego Union Tribune

Out of Sync
The Scientist

August 2013

New model to study schizophrenia has been developed
Dr. Tipster

Researchers Find New Drug That Could Ward Off Migraines
Yahoo News

Symphony at Salk musical gala raises funds for Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla
La Jolla Light

Scientists discover drug that could combat migraines
Medical News Today

New Drug Could Save Migraine Sufferers From Horrors Of Bright Light

Charting the Chemical Choreography of Brain Development
NIH Directors Blog

New Drug Could Save Migraine Sufferers From Horrors of Bright Light

Katharine McPhee taking Salk stage
San Diego Union Tribune

Mechanism helps viruses shut down body's immune defense
La Jolla Light

Researchers find mechanism viruses use to shut down the body's defenses
Vaccine News Daily

New study shows why the flu is so virulent
Digital Journal

Uncovering brain's underlying circuit architecture
La Jolla Light

Potential biomarker for cancer diagnosis
La Jolla Light

New Tool to Add Strong, Unbreakable Bonds Between Two Points in Proteins
A to Z Nanotechnology

Salk scientists add new bond to protein engineering toolbox
Phys Org

Smoke Detectors: Ancient receptors in seeds bind a small molecule in smoke that promotes germination
The Scientist

July 2013

Novel Mechanism in Spinal Cord Injury Discovered
Science Daily

Mouseunculus: How The Brain Draws A Little You
National Geographic

Salk has record year in private donations
San Diego Union Tribune

Scientists explore the mind with epigenomic maps
University World News

More Versatile Approach to Creating Stem Cells Discovered
Science Daily

Researchers Take More Nuanced Approach To Making Stem Cells

Cancer-causing pathway explained
San Diego Union Tribune

Salk Researchers Identify Potential Biomarker For Cancer Diagnosis
Red Orbit

Salk Researchers Find Brain-Devlopment Key
San Diego Union Tribune

Brain Methylation Map Published
The Scientist

Object Recognition Requires Stability
The Scientist

Salk studies pave way to better computer object recognition and therapies for visual disorders

June 2013

A New Discovery Reveals Previously Unknown Requirements for Brain Development

Katharine McPhee to Play La Jolla
The La Jolla Patch

EXCLUSIVE: Singing Star Katharine McPhee Lends Her Talents to Salk Institute's Groundbreaking Cancer Research
The Reno Dispatch

Foundation Places a $42-Million Bet on Cutting-Edge Scientific Research
Chronicle of Philanthropy

Ripening Genes Pegged
The Scientist

Genetics of Barrel-Spoiling Bad Apples

Timing radiation therapy may minimize hair loss
La Jolla Light

The Fire of Life
BioScience Technology

Mechanism Identified That Allows Cancer Cells to Survive Metabolic Stress and Chemotherapy

Marguerite Prior discusses neurotophic compound J147 in Alzheimer's therapeutics

May 2013

How to defeat Alzheimer's
Los Angeles Times

Salk researchers find breast cancer trigger
San Diego Union Tribune

New Research Shows Cancer Cells Could Be Prevented Before They Even Develop
The Reno Dispatch

Cancer radiation therapy may minimize hair loss
MSN LifeStyle

Hair's Circadian Clock May Help Reduce Hair Loss In Chemo Patients
Red Orbit

Radiation hair loss cut by circadian timing
San Diego Union Tribune

Salk researchers chart epigenomics of stem cells that mimic early human development
Space Daily

Salk Researchers Halt The Progression Of Alzheimer's In Very Old Mice

Alzheimer's drug candidate reverses disease in mice
UT San Diego

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Treatment
NBC 7 San Diego

Potential Therapeutic Target for Cushing's Disease Identified
MD India

Epigenomics of Stem Cells That Mimic Early Human Development Charted
Science Daily

Potential Therapeutic Target for Cushing's Disease Found

April 2013

Ecologists solve mystery of how seeds rise from ashes after forest fire

Smoke signals: How burning plants tell seeds to rise from the ashes
Phys Org

Vitamin D could be powerful weapon in fight against liver fibrosis
Yahoo Lifestyle

Salk Institute: Synthetic vitamin may help fight liver disease Southside Riverside News Network

Mapping the Human Brain

First Ever 5K Walk for Salk and Explore Salk
La Jolla Patch

Salk neuroscientists propose how visual system automatically adapts to new environments
News Medical

Your Brain Is Good At Math, Even If You Aren't
Science 2.0

Obama to Unveil Initiative to Map the Human Brain
New York Times

Salk Institute key player in Obama's BRAIN initiative
Fox5 San Diego

Brain Mapping Like Moon Race: La Jolla Scientist
NBC (Los Angeles)

Walk for Salk
San Diego Magazine

March 2013

AACR recognizes scientists whose contributions to cancer field have extraordinary impact

Canker sore drug reverses weight gain in mice

The Brainy Science of Finding Your Car Keys
Yahoo News

DNA Pioneer Still a Force
Union Tribune

Salk develops new way to look at disease
San Diego Union Tribune

Fueling San Diego's engine of biotech
San Diego Union Tribune

Hidden Layer Of Genome Unveils How Plants May Adapt To Environments Throughout The World
Red Orbit

Salk epigenetic findings may aid in crop production and study of human diseases
The Medical News

Can Epigenetics Help Crops Adapt to Climate Change?
Scientific American

Sequester Cuts Put More Cancer Patients at Risk of Dying, Researchers Say
The Daily Beast

February 2013

Why snacking at night is bad for you

Salk it to me

Tiny plant yields a big discovery
La Jolla Light

Federal Cuts Akin to Amputation: Cancer Researchers
NBC San Diego

Amazon Cloud helps advance molecular research
La Jolla Light

Plants Cut the Mustard for Basic Discoveries in Metabolism
Science Daily

Cloud helps image molecules in detail
Zee News

The Salk Institute Remains A Modernist Beacon
Architectural Digest

January 2013

Phenformin decreases size of lung tumors and increases survival in mice
Toronto Telegraph

Tracking Telomeres to the Edge

Salk Scientists Find Diabetes Drug Treats Lung Cancer

Salk Institute Receives $42 Million Grant For Genomic Center

Salk Institute receives $42M grant to research genetic factors that contribute to human diseases

Salk gets record $42M for genomics
UT San Diego

'The 8-Hour Diet': Watch the clock and lose weight

December 2012

Chromosome 'Anchors' Organize DNA During Cell Division
Science Daily

16 San Diego scientists named to elite society
San Deigo Union Tribune

Microscopy: Two microscopes are better than one

More than 3,000 epigenetic switches control daily liver cycles
Biology News Net

Faster, Safer Method For Producing Stem Cells Developed By Scientists
Red Orbit

Obesity finding turns diet advice on its head
Vancouver Sun

November 2012

Salk Institute Fundraising

Salk Institute begins fundraising effort
10News ABC San Diego

SALK GOAL: $300 MILLION As federal grants decline, institute hopes to grow support for scientists
UT San Diego

Science Finds Possible Connection Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's
Hive Health Media

Corridors of the Mind
Pacific Standard

Study links diabetes to Alzheimer's

Study Links Diabetes to Alzheimer's

Salk study finds diabetes raises levels of proteins linked to Alzheimer's features
San Diego Daily Transcript

La Jolla researchers continue to amaze with scientific advancements

Salk study finds diabetes raises levels of proteins linked to Alzheimer's features
San Diego Daily Transcript

October 2012

Ma Yasong picks his Great Buildings (Salk Institute)

Why Brain Tumors Are So Hard to Destroy
Yahoo News

Stem Cells Not Needed for Cancer
The Scientist

Common Cold Could Kick Cancer's Keister
Geek O System

Cold viruses point way to new cancer therapies
Yahoo News India

How a Salk scientist beat her own cancer
U-T San Diego

Cold Dinners and Hot Buildings
Psychology Today

September 2012

Mexican Axolotl Provides Insights into Potential of Human Regenerative Medicine

SCI-TECH: Induced pluripotent stem cells bear potentially troubling 'epigenetic signature', Salk, UCSD scientists say
North County Times

A Rare Feat: Two Scientists At Salk Score NIH New Innovator Awards
Yahoo News

Salk study findings could address crop growth, human hunger

Remembering Salk and the fight against polio
Pasadena Star News

Major advance reported in reading people's genes
UT San Diego

"Occupy" comes to DNA: A genome for the 99 percent

ENCODE project sheds light on human DNA and disease
Los Angeles Times

SCI-TECH: Local scientists find clues to how fruit ripens
North County Times

August 2012

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - An Architectural Gem Nestled Above the Pacific
San Diego Free Press

Doped genes the next go-good tool
The Australian

Rimes offers voice ready to soar at Salk
North County Times

Is it when you eat, not just what you eat?
Tampa Bay Times

The truth about LeAnn Rimes
U-T San Diego

Planting the Seeds of Defense: Stress Triggers Widespread Epigenetic Changes That Aid in Disease Resistance
Science Daily

Discovery Of Molecular Link Between Circadian Clock Disturbances and Inflammatory Diseases: Scientists
MED India

Why night shift workers become prone to diabetes, obesity and cancer
Albuquerque Express

July 2012

Genetically modified athletes: Forget drugs.
Daily Mail

Salk Professor Terrence Sejnowski receives IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award

Genetic Reprogramming Converts Blood Cells to Nerve Cells

Building a Smarter Brain
Aspen Public Radio

Cord blood cells may prove valuable for treatment of neurological diseases
Yahoo News

Neurons Derived from Cord Blood Cells May Represent New Therapeutic Option
Science Daily

Female Scientists Blazing New Trails
Union Tribune

June 2012

Rare Genetic Illness May Shed Light on Role of Hormones in Autism, Anxiety
Psych Central

'Trust' hormone oxytocin misregulated in people with Williams syndrome
Yahoo India

Some embryonic stem cells more powerful than first believed
North County Times

We are viral from the beginning
Discover Magazine

Salk Institute received $10M donation
North County Times

LeAnn Rimes to Headline Salk Institute Fundraiser
San Diego Union Tribune

LeAnn Rimes to Headline Symphony at Salk in La Jolla
La Jolla Patch

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Donates $10 Million to the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Wall Street Journal Marketwatch

New 3D protein-mapping technique may solve the structure of targets for half of all drugs

May 2012

Speeding Up Drug Discovery With Rapid 3-D Mapping of Proteins
Science Daily

Microglia: The constant gardeners

Method to Delay Aging of Stem Cells Developed
Science Daily

Stem cell function loss can be delayed by finding their niche
North County Times

Nighttime Fasting may foster weight loss
LA Times

When You Eat May Trump What You Eat for Weight Loss
ABC News

Salk Study May Offer Drug-Free Intervention To Prevent Obesity

It's Not Just What You Eat, It's When You Eat, Mouse Study Finds
US News and World Report

How to avoid weight gain? Eat on a schedule

Leaves guide plant's battle for sunlight
Thaindian News

Plant Fatty Acid Production Cellular Secrets Understood
Kansas City infoZine

Discovery of Plant Proteins May Boost Agricultural Yields and Biofuel Production
Renewable Energy

SDG&E Lauds Green Energy, Clean Transportation 'Champions'
San Diego Business Journal

Molecular Switch Could Be Key for Type 2s
Diabetes Health

How Working the Muscles May Boost Brainpower
New York Times

Salk poised to break fundraising record
UT San Diego

April 2012

Salk Scientist Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
News Blaze

Scientists find how plants grow to escape shade

Salk's polio vaccine called safe 57 years ago today
UT San Diego

Scientists find molecular switch that controls liver glucose

Cellular Switches Responsible For Maintaining Balanced Sleeping Pattern Found

Finding of genetic 'fasting switch' could lead to new diabetes treatment

Scientists discover better drugs for sleep problems
The Sentinel

Blueprint of body's biological clock ''redrawn''
MSN News

Salk Institute Announces Faculty Promotions

March 2012

Salk Institute: Human Brain Naturally Resists Drugs

Company gives $10M grant to Salk Institute
San Diego Union Tribune

Cirque de Genome
The Philippine Star

SCI-TECH: Salk, Scripps scientists unravel how major chemotherapy drugs work
North County Times

Salk Scientists Discover Chemotherapy Pathway

Salk discovers how chemotherapy works
San Diego Union Tribune

Mice Study Shows Brain's Natural Resistance to Drugs

Discovery of Brain's Natural Resistance to Drugs May Offer Clues to Treating Addiction
Science Daily

Students Play Scientists At Salk Labs

Salk to hold high school science day
San Diego Union Tribune

February 2012

Does your brain produce new cells?

Research Report: Old theory pinpoints new targets to breast cancer
Del Mar Times

Renato Dulbecco, 97, Dies; Won Prize for Cancer Study
New York Times

Renato Dulbecco dies at 97; 1975 Nobel Prize winner in medicine
LA Times

Nobel Prize Winner was One of Salk Institute's Founders
San Diego Union Tribune

Complex Wiring of Nervous System May Rely On Handful of Genes and Proteins
FARS News Agency

Embryo link could lead to new breast cancer treatments
Private Healthcare UK

Brain Proteins May Be Key to Aging
The Scientist

Old theory helps discover new targets in fight against breast cancer
News Track India

Are we merely the sum of our neurons?
New Scientist

Cell Aging Process may be Understood by Studying Extremely Long-Lived Proteins
MED India

Why Do Cells Age? Discovery of Extremely Long-Lived Proteins May Provide Insight Into Cell Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Science Daily

The 16 Best Science Visualizations of 2011

Scientific visions that take the prize
Cosmic Log on

January 2012

Salk biologist wins Israel's top science prize
UT San Diego

Salk's Chory, UCSD's Markow, receive Genetics Society of America award
North County Times

Salk's Ronald Evans awarded Wolf Prize in medicine
North County Times

Wylie W. Vale Jr. dies at 70; researcher helped discover stress hormone
Los Angeles Times

Wylie Vale Jr., Groundbreaking Endocrinologist, Dies at 70
New York Times

Salk scientists find cilia gene important for lung and brain function
North County Times

New tools help map 3-D world of vision in mice

Scientists Map the Frontiers of Vision
Science Daily

Wylie Vale, Salk Institute brain hormone expert, dies at 70
North County Times

Top 100 Stories of 2011 #64: Stem Cell Research Hits More Painful Setbacks
Discover Magazine

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