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Overview of Slesinger Lab

We are investigating the molecular details of how potassium ion channels open and close (i.e. ‘gating’), the cellular regulation of potassium channels in nerve cells, and more recently, their role in drug addiction and mental disorders. There are currently two related areas of focus in the lab. One main area of research is investigating the G protein regulation of GIRK channels, utilizing structural, biochemical and electrophysiological strategies. The other area extends from the G protein regulation experiments to studies that examine the role of GIRK channels in the neural response to drugs of abuse, utilizing biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioral strategies.

Slesinger Lab

Slesinger Lab: Front row (left to right): Claire Padgett, Prafulla Aryal, Debbie Johns, Natalie Taylor, Michaelanne Munoz. Top row: Bartosz Balana, Laia Bahima, Ji-Yong Kang, Stephanie Boyer, Victory Joseph, Dave Dalton. Back: Paul A. Slesinger