Wolfgang H. Fischer

Research Interests

(i) Primary structure determination of proteins
(ii) Characterization of novel growth factors
(iii) Structure-function studies on activin
(iv) Post-translational modifications of proteins


Ph. D. (Biochemistry), 1985. RWTH Aachen, Germany
Ing. grad. (Chemical Engineering), 1978. FH Aachen, Germany

Professional Society Memberships

Endocrine Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Protein Society
Peptide Society

Selected Publications

Fischer WH, Schubert D 1996 Characterization of a novel PDGF associated protein. J. Neurochem. 66:2213-2216

Fischer WH, Behan DP, Park M, Potter E, Lowry PJ, Vale W 1994 Assignment of disulfide bonds in corticotropin-releasing factor binding protein. J Biol Chem 269:4313-4316

Hüsken-Hindi P, Tsuchida K, Park M, Corrigan AZ, Vaughan JM, Vale WW, Fischer WH 1994 Monomeric activin A retains high receptor binding affinity but exhibits low biological activity. J Biol Chem 269:19380-19384

Craig AG, Hoeger CA, Miller CL, Goedken T, Rivier JE, Fischer WH 1994 Monitoring protein kinase and phosphatase reactions with matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) and capillary zone electrophoresis: comparison of the detection efficency of peptide-phosphopeptide mixtures. Biol Mass Spectrom 23:519-528

Fischer WH, Schubert D 1993 Purification and microsequencing of neurotrophic proteins. In: Boulton AA, GB Baker, F Hefti (ed) Neuromethods: Neurotropic Factors. Humana Press, Inc., Totowa, NJ, vol 25:1-23

Fischer WH, Karr D, Jackson B, Park M, Vale W 1991 Microsequence analysis of proteins purified by gel electrophoresis. In: Conn PM (ed) Methods in Neurosciences. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, vol 6:69-84

Schubert D, Kimura H, LaCorbiere M, Vaughan J, Karr D, Fischer WH 1990 Activin is a nerve cell survival molecule. Nature 344:868-870

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