Bruker Reflex MALD TOF Mass Spectrometer

The Bruker Reflex MALD Mass Spectrometer is a research grade time-of-flight (TOF) instrument. It consists of an ionization source and electrostatic mirror or reflector housed in a high vacuum chamber (< 10-7 Torr), an optical bench with a 337 nm nitrogen laser, attenuator, beam splitter and associated optics for focussing the laser beam onto the sample when located in the ionization source. The potential applied to the sample is adjustable to ±35 kV. The time of flight measurement is started when the laser pulse is fired and is stopped as ions arive at the detector (which consists of tandem micro channel plates). The data are acquired with a Tektronix RTD 710A, 100 MHz digitizing oscilloscope and downloaded to a microprocessor (OS9) running Bruker software (Reflex). This microcomputer is thinwire linked to a Sun Sparc 4 workstation. After down loading spectra of interest to the Sun workstation the spectra can be recalibrated and more carefully analyzed using the Bruker XTOF software.

Mass spectra of intact peptide molecule ions can be measured in the linear or reflectron mode with 100 fmol of sample. Structural information may be obtained for peptides using Post Source Decay with 1 pmol of sample.

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