JEOL HX110 Double Focussing Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer

The Jeol HX110 Mass Spectrometer is a double focusing magnetic sector instrument. It consists of an electrostatic analyzer a 2.3 kGauss electro magnet and a ±20 kV point detector. The instrument is equipped with a number of ionization sources including MALD, LSIMS and EI/CI. The 337 nm nitrogen laser used in the MALD experiments is mounted above the electrostatic analyzer and the beam is directed through an attenuator beam splitter and lens onto the sample located in the vacuum chamber of the instrument. The ion source potential applied to the sample is adjustable to ±10 kV. The intact parent ions pass through the energy analyzer prior to being dispersed by the magnetic field. Only those ions with appropriate mass to charge ratio (m/z) arive at the detector (photoelectromultiplier). The data are acquired on a HP9000 workstation and analyzed using the Jeol COMPLEMENT software.

MALD Mass Spectra can be measured over a narrow range with this magnectic sector instrument using as little as 5 pmol of sample.

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