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We are interested in how neural circuits decode environmental changes and drive behaviors. We use the nematode, C. elegans and zebrafish as models to study brain functions.

Chalasani C.elegans





Welcome to the Lab

  • Lindsey Salay
  • Shw Lew
  • Elizabeth Depasquale
  • Zack Cecere
  • Chen-Min Yeh


  • Congratulations Sarah Leinwand for being named an ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Scholar for 2014-15!
  • Congratulations to Sarah Leinwand for winning the SRF Travel Grant sponsored by Fine Science Tools!
  • Congratulations to Sarah Leinwand for winning the Leon Thal award!
  • Adam Calhoun receives his Ph.D. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations Kathleen Quach on your new NSF award
  • Shrek Chalasani presents at High School Science Day
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    TV – KUSI coverage»
    View the presentation»

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