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Salk Receives Worldwide Media Attention

Salk received significant media attention in August, beginning with worldwide coverage of a very recent discovery in Ronald Evans' lab. The study offers strong evidence to the potential health benefits of exercise through a pill that can be taken orally.

His lab's research demonstrated the power of two experimental drugs: One tricked the body's muscles into thinking they had been exercised, while a second dramatically boosted endurance by more than 70 percent when combined with exercise.

While this research focused on a particular gene in mice, which is also conserved in humans, this amazing breakthrough may one day provide much-needed relief to those who cannot physically exercise as a result of trauma or disease. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC), the New York Times, ABC's "World News Tonight" and NBC's "Nightly News" and others covered the study.

Inder Verma's lab also received strong coverage when NBC aired a story featuring a study that uncovered the molecular mechanisms behind allergies. This finding raises renewed hope for the development of therapies to treat hypersensitive allergic diseases including hay fever.

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