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International Council Members Learn About Salk's Latest Studies in Vienna

Welcomed by Vienna's old world charm and a cadre of eminent Salk scientists, members of the Salk International Council and Board of Trustees as well as special guests congregated at the banks of the Danube river to hear firsthand about the latest research findings made at the Salk Institute.

The topics of the scientific presentations at the Grand Hotel ranged from stem cells and the mechanisms underlying aging and age-related diseases, to the nuts and bolts of metabolic syndrome and the inner workings of a cell's nucleus. A palpable sense of excitement accompanied the talks as faculty members explained their research and reinforced what it means to be part of an institution whose investigators publish more seminal papers per scientist than any other biomedical research facility worldwide.

Nobel Laureates Renato Dulbecco and Roger Guillemin discussed the impact of basic science on everyday life and Salk's unique environment for moving science forward. "I came [to Salk] because I would be totally independent and there wouldn't be any departmental partitions. That's the basis for doing really great science," said Dulbecco.

Former Salk President Frederic de Hoffman founded the International Council in the 1970s to help broaden awareness of the Institute's cutting-edge research being conducted by some of the world's most noted scientists.

Today, the Council consists of more than 80 distinguished men and women who are worldwide leaders in business, medicine, law, the arts and community affairs. They meet bi-annually to learn about the fast pace of basic biological research at the Salk. In return, members give of their time and treasure and serve as ambassadors of Institute by sharing their understanding and enthusiasm about the Salk's groundbreaking research with new audiences worldwide.

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