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American Philosophical Society Inducts Ronald Evans and Baldomero Olivera

The American Philosophical Society (APS) has elected to its ranks two leading scientists affiliated with the Salk Institute: Ronald M. Evans, a professor in the Gene Expression Laboratory, and adjunct professor Baldomero Olivera of the University of Utah.

Evans' work elucidated the unexpected common mechanism by which a diverse group of hormones and vitamins control the body's metabolism, development and reproduction. Because nuclear receptors wield such physiological power, his discovery provided a multitude of targets for clinical scientists to develop new, more effective and safer drugs. Evans' technology has been used to discover more than a half dozen drugs for cancer, diabetes and heart disease with many more on they way.

Olivera identified and characterized the effects of a family of biomolecules found in the venom of tropical cone snails. Olivera and members of his lab have identified several drug candidates to treat disorders, including pain, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, and various neurological disorders.

Modeled after the Royal Society of London, the APS was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1734 and is the first organization in America to promote science.

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