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Clodagh O'Shea One on One with ... Clodagh O'Shea

For years scientists have been working to re-engineer the human adenovirus, which in its normal state causes acute respiratory distress syndrome, as a potential tool to wipe out cancerous tumors.... [Read more of this interview]

Ye Zheng New Salk Researcher Named 2010 Rita Allen Scholar

Less than six months after he joined the Salk's faculty, assistant professor Ye Zheng was named a 2010 Rita Allen Scholar. He will to study how regulatory T cells prevent the immune system from attacking the body's
own tissue and causing autoimmune disease..... [Read more of this story]

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News Briefs

Geoffrey Wahl Researcher to Serve on Advisory Panel for Top Breast Cancer Organization

Geoffrey Wahl has been selected to serve on a new international panel to guide the extensive research program of Susan G. Komen for the CureĀ®.... 

Salk Institute Education Outreach Program Receives Award of Excellence

The San Diego Science Educators Association (SDSEA) recognized the Salk Institute's Education Outreach Program (EOP) with an award of excellence for its support of K-12 science education in the local region...... 

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Discovery Roundup

zebrafish" Zebrafish Study with Human Heart Implications

Researchers led by Salk professor Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte have identified a population of heart cells in zebrafish with the amazing ability to regenerate within a month after 20 percent of the tissue has been destroyed..... 

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Golf Tournament Annual Foundation Seminar and Golf Tournament Bring Out the Best of Salk's Supporters

Prominent attorneys from some of the country's top law firms and consultants in the non-profit field were among the featured speakers during the Salk Institute's 38th annual Tax & Management Seminar on Private Foundations in May.....

John Young Nomis Foundation Gifts Additional $6.5 Million to Salk Center, Establishes Endowed Chair

Two years since its initial $11.5 million contribution to launch the Nomis Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis, the Switzerland-based Nomis Foundation has gifted an additional $6.5 million in support of continued research efforts in understanding infectious disease..... 

Taste of Discovery A Taste of Discovery

Two special events in New York City on April 13th introduced East Coast friends to some of the Institute's latest and most exciting research..... 

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