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Elizabeth Blackburn Elizabeth Blackburn awarded 2012 American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal

Nobel laureate Elizabeth H. Blackburn, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco and a Salk Non-Resident Fellow (NRF), was honored with the 2012 American Institute of Chemists (AIC) Gold Medal, its highest award. [Read more]

historic milestone A record-setting year for fundraising

The Salk Institute's development team has set a historic milestone, raising nearly $50 million this fiscal year. That amount is the most money ever raised annually at the Institute. [Read more]

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Discovery Roundup

diabetes The road to diabetes

New information about metabolic switches in fat and the liver suggest new avenues for treating diabetes....... 

Salk Institute Discovery of plant proteins may boost agricultural yields and biofuel production

Plant oils are composed primarily of triglycerides, formed by linking together three fatty acid molecules, and are stored mostly in seeds, where they are used for energy during germination.

Salk Institute Complex wiring of the nervous system may rely on just a handful of genes and proteins

Researchers in the lab of Sam Pfaff have discovered a startling feature of early brain development that helps explain how complex neuron wiring patterns are programmed using just a handful of critical genes.

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Alumni Fellowship Fund Inaugural Alumni Fellowship awarded

Recognizing the ongoing need for postdoc support, Salk faculty issued a challenge to alumni—those scientists who trained in the Institute's labs—to match their philanthropic contributions dollar for dollar to establish the Alumni Fellowship Fund.

Qualcomm Qualcomm donates $1.5 million to Salk in honor of trucking pioneer

In memory of Don Schneider, former president, CEO and chairman of trucking company Schneider National, Qualcomm has made a $1.5 million gift to establish the Don Schneider Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship at the Salk Institute.

Tax Seminar 40th Annual Tax and Management Seminar for Private Foundations

The three-day conference offered a unique program featuring expert speakers and topics of importance to foundation trustees, family and staff.

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