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International Council enjoys science and music at Salk

Salk president Bill Brody

William R. Brody and Karen Joy Davis dazzle the audience playing 191.

The annual meeting of the Salk International Council, which took place at the Institute this year, showcased Jonas Salk's vision for a research facility dedicated to the best of both art and science.

The 70-person meeting kicked off Wednesday, January 23, with "Bio 101," a 2½-hour basic biology overview. It set the stage for the next two days, which featured a true insider's look at the Institute, including in-depth scientific talks and laboratory tours. Salk researchers discussed in detail the scientific issues behind the initiatives of the Campaign for Salk.

A highlight of the event was the first concert ever given in the Auditorium at Salk, a classical piano recital on Thursday night by awardwinning concert pianist Karen Joy Davis. She performed on "191," the world-famous Steinway grand piano that was recently gifted to the Institute by Salk trustee Conrad Prebys. For Brahms's Hungarian Dances (No.1 in G minor and No. 5 in F# minor), she was joined by a surprise guest artist, Salk president Bill Brody.

In addition to scientific and artistic offerings, this year's gathering celebrated Lidia Garcia- Campmany, who works in Martyn Goulding's Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, and is the first postdoctoral researcher supported by the new Jonas Salk Endowed Fellowship. The fellowship's endowment is nearly at its goal of $1.5 million.

The council is made up of more than 50 distinguished men and women who are worldwide leaders in business, medicine, law, the arts and community affairs.