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Researcher to Serve on Advisory Panel for Top Breast Cancer Organization

Dona Mapston

Excited about the Institute's new BioMark Fluidigm microfluidic system, Geoffrey Wahl commented that "this technology, among many other uses to which it can be put, will revolutionize our ability to interrogate single cells to determine how they receive and process signals from the environment." Pictured (from left): Ben Spike, Samantha Cheung, Wahl, and Jennifer Lin

Salk Principal Investigator Geoffrey Wahl has been selected to serve on a new international panel of more than 60 top-ranking scientists, clinicians and advocates to guide the extensive research program of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world's largest breast cancer organization.

The distinguished experts from a wide range of disciplines and seven countries will serve as inaugural members of Komen for the Cure's new Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). They will provide scientific peer review for the breast cancer grants and programs that Komen funds annually. The Scientific Advisory Council will also provide Komen leadership with guidance on breast cancer education and public policy.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the largest source of breast cancer research funding outside of the U.S. government, currently funds nearly 760 active research grants around the world, with plans to invest another $55 million in 105 projects this year.

The new advisory council members have expertise in many specialties, including clinical research, laboratory research, surgery, pathology, radiation oncology, epidemiology, medical oncology, behavioral sciences, disease prevention, bioinformatics and international health. Wahl, a professor in the Salk's Gene Expression Laboratory, studies the genetic basis of the origin and progression of cancer.