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Legacy Campaign Accelerates: Salk Supporters Encouraged to Join

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk

Joe and Diana Kalman set in motion a plan to help people they'll never meet. They worked with Cheryl Dean, senior director of planned giving at the Salk Institute, to arrange a legacy gift, directing through their estate documents that funds be passed on to the Salk Institute. Thanks to their foresight and generosity, sometime in the future, a child with bone cancer may receive a novel, life-saving treatment or a young postdoctoral researcher may receive the funding for an ambitious research project. Or one of the many bustling laboratories at the Salk may receive state-of-the-art research equipment, tools crucial to deciphering the cell's mysteries. "It's just what we wanted to do," Diana said, "to support the science of healthy living."

More and more, thoughtful, visionary individuals such as Joe and Diana Kalman are including the Salk Institute in their estate plans. It's an effortless way to make a difference in the future, to leave a legacy. The world can be a different place—a better place—for your having been here. Dean says that directing funds to the Salk Institute means that "your money performs for you in perpetuity. You can make an easy decision now that has a tremendous impact on the future of biomedical research. It's impossible to imagine all the good your money may do to improve future lives."

Those who include the Salk in their estate planning are designated Partners in Research. It's a fast-expanding group, with 61 new members having joined since the campaign began. Partners receive invitations to specially planned lectures and tours, as well as exclusive receptions and events. And, of course, they're kept abreast of the latest discoveries by Salk's scientists– a common occurrence.

Whether it's a charitable remainder trust, a simple bequest or a transfer of property, (among numerous other possibilities for giving), the team at the Salk can help you transform a current asset into a future cure. They encourage you to ask questions. They're ready to help. For more information about the Legacy Campaign and the benefits of becoming a Partner in Research, please contact Cheryl Dean, Esq. at 858.500.4884 or