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Salk hosts the second annual 5K Walk for Salk and Explore Salk open house

Step into Discovery

Mark your calendars for April 12, 2014 to join in Salk's second annual Step Into Discovery day. This year the date is especially significant. On April 12, 1955, Jonas Salk announced the discovery of the polio vaccine, forever transforming lives around the world.

Last year's inaugural event drew over a thousand people to the Institute and this year promises to bring even more supporters eager to experience the event.

The day will be filled with activities starting with the 5K Walk for Salk. Participants will start at the courtyard and walk through a coastal trek on Torrey Pines Road that concludes back on the Salk campus.

The fun doesn't end at the finish line. It continues at the Explore Salk open house featuring exclusive behind the scenes tours of science and research labs. The courtyard will be filled with informational booths and handson activities for children and adults, including special presentations by the Salk Education Outreach Program.

Step into Discovery supports the Salk's leading edge research and important education outreach programs including the Mobile Science Lab, High School Scholars and High School Science Day—dynamic programs that bring the excitement of scientific discovery to thousands of students and teachers throughout San Diego County.

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