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Salk welcomes the community to Step into Discovery

Walk for Salk

Institute hosts first ever 5K walk and open house

On April 13, Salk opened its campus to the community in a way it never had before by hosting Step into Discovery day, presenting the inaugural 5K Walk for Salk and Explore Salk, a wellness event and open house that offered exclusive tours of the Institute's science labs.

The morning began with a health and wellness fair, with sponsors such as Scripps Health and Sharp HealthCare providing free health screenings to guests. More than 700 people then took part in the 5K Walk for Salk in support of basic research, beginning their trek in the Institute's famed courtyard.

Following the Walk for Salk, 500 additional people arrived at the Institute for the Explore Salk component of the event. The eager guests toured labs, visited with researchers and attended science talks. It was a unique opportunity for the community to interact with scientists and understand how basic research is the first major step in discovering new therapies and cures for challenging diseases. In addition to the tours and talks, there were opportunities for children to learn about plant biology , the brain and DNA at hands-on science booths.