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Two Salk researchers selected for 2012 Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellowships

Yusuf Tufail and Euiseok Kim

Left to right: Yusuf Tufail and Euiseok Kim

Yusuf Tufail and Euiseok Kim, have been awarded Life Sciences Research Fellowships from the Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF). They are two of only 50 finalists selected by the foundation's Peer Review Committee, from over 950 candidates.

Tufail, a postdoctoral researcher in the Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center was chosen for the extremely competitive program based on his proposal titled "The role of astrocyte-interneuron communication in modulating cerebellar brain dynamics."

Kim, a scientist in Salk's Systems Neurobiology laboratory was a recipient of a fellowship for his proposal entitled "Fine-scale connectivity analysis of ontogenetic neuronal clones using novel trans-synaptic viral tracers."

This is the thirtieth year the three-year postdoctoral fellowship awards have been issued by the LSRF, which was established in 1981 as an alternative means for guiding monies from industry, foundations, agencies and other donors to the non-targeted support of outstanding young scientists. Since the inception of the program, the LSRF has gained support from a wide variety of sponsors, which provide resources to an individual chosen by the LSRF board on the basis of the merit of the proposed research and the quality of the applicant's past performance. By fostering partnerships between research-oriented companies and academic institutions for their mutual benefit, the LSRF provides the framework for patrons to help fund the very best innovative early career researchers.