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Scientists brief the media on the Campaign for Salk

Campaign for Salk

Ronald M. Evans, professor and director of the Gene Expression Laboratory talked about the Genomic Medicine Initiative at the press announcement for the Campaign for Salk —the Institute's $300 million fundraising campaign.

On November 8, the Institute embarked on a new chapter in its 53-year history, when it announced its first-ever major fundraising campaign. At a press conference held in the Institute's courtyard, William R. Brody, president of the Salk Institute, and Irwin Jacobs, chair of the Salk board of trustees, were joined by Salk scientists Fred H. Gage, Tony Hunter, Ronald M. Evans, Martin W. Hetzer and Jennifer Ehren to speak about the campaign and the critical role it will play in secur ing the future of Salk science.

The Campaign for Salk is a six-year, $300 million initiative to raise private resources to support the advancement of biological research in areas such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, obesity and diabetes, aging, spinal cord injuries, vision, ALS and crop yields. It focuses on four major scientific initiatives*#8212;Cancer, Healthy Aging, Dynamic Brain and Genomic Medicine— and will help the Institute accelerate the pace of discovery leading to new therapies for today's most complex diseases; it will also help Salk recruit and retain the world's brightest scientists and secure the future of research over the next several decades.

Nearly $200 million of the $300 million goal has already been raised in gifts from individuals and foundations since the quiet phase of the campaign began in 2009.