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Salk leaves mark on Big Apple

Sam Pfaff

Samuel Pfaff

Salk science was the focus in April, when New York friends, supporters and guests of the Institute gathered at two separate events for updates on research, to socialize and to become better acquainted with Salk.

The first event, NY salkexcellerators, took place Wednesday evening, April 27, at the law offices of Covington & Burling, LLP. Salkexcellerators are the next generation of business professionals, entrepreneurs and volunteers committed to supporting the groundbreaking research conducted at the Salk Institute, and some 50 members and guests convened for cocktails and conversation. The featured attraction was Salk professor Samuel Pfaff, who gave a presentation titled "From Discovery to You: The Neuronal Pathway." Salkexcellerators cabinet member Carrie Hamerslag opened and closed the program, which in addition to Pfaff featured Salk president William R. Brody, executive vice president Marsha A. Chandler and trustee Howard Newman. A wine tasting was sponsored by Alex Elman Wines.

The following day, approximately 70 people, including many members of the Salk President's Club and Partners in Research, met at the historic 21 Club for the biannual Salk in the City luncheon and talk, which again featured Pfaff. The event was hosted by Mary Jane Salk, widow of Jonas Salk's brother Lee, to commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of the polio vaccine—a tradition that the brothers established and continued for many years at the same venue. Also present were representatives from the Christopher Reeve Foundation, which significantly supports Pfaff's research; John and Anne Codey from the Helmsley Foundation, which has made several major grants to the Institute; and Francoise Gilot-Salk, Jonas Salk's widow, who will celebrate her 90th birthday next year. Salk board chair Irwin Jacobs was on hand as well to welcome the guests, as were Brody and Chandler.

Interest in Salk Institute research and support for the Salk mission have been growing steadily in New York. For information about the Institute's upcoming New York events, contact Betsy Reis at 858-452-8051 or