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The 7th Salk Institute cell cycle meeting

cell cycle meeting

Approximately 175 people attended the 2011 Cell Cycle Meeting at Salk from June 17 to 20, representing leading scientific institutions from near and far, including The Scripps Research Institute; London Research Institute; New York University School of Medicine; Stowers Institute; Stanford University; Dana- Farber Cancer Institute; University of California, Berkeley; Ludwig Institute at UC San Diego; Edinburgh University; Ohio State University; Harvard University, Sanford Burnham Institute and University of Toronto.

"This symposium has become a labor of love and public service," said Tony Hunter, a professor in the Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory, American Cancer Society professor and director of the Salk Institute Cancer Center. "Examining and sharing information about the crucial process of the cell cycle may lend new insights into the identification of biological markers that predict patients' responsiveness to chemotherapy drugs and ultimately could lead to the development of new cancer drugs with fewer side effects."

The Newport Lecture, honoring the late John Newport, a leading figure in the field, was given by Marc Kirschner of Harvard, himself a pioneer in cell cycle research. His talk, "New Insights into the G2/M Transition in Somatic Cells and Embryonic Stem Cells," was notably attended by Dr. Douglass Forbes, John Newport's widow.