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San Diego salkexcellerators go "green" at February event

Dr. Jeff Long

salkexcellerator Tammy Moore (left) and guest Karen Fredrich with Dr. Jeff Long

San Diego salkexcellerators enjoyed a private reception and a lecture by associate professor Jeff Long at the Institute on February 16. The lecture, titled "Respect your Greens! Food, Fuels & Fundamental Findings," spoke to the current challenges we face in the food and biofuel supply and important recent Salk discoveries that may impact our ability to influence the quality and quantity of plants better suited to our agricultural needs. He was joined in his presentation by research associate Rhiannon Macrae and UCSD graduate student Jared Sewell.

Securing the world's food supply in a changing climate may be one of the biggest challenges we face in this century. Understanding the molecular underpinnings of how plants adapt to inhospitable environments and defend themselves against insects and fungal infections will be crucial to ensuring the world's food supply into the future, making basic plant research more important than ever.

Since its founding 25 years ago, the Salk's Plant Biology Laboratory, home to some of the world's leading plant biologists, has made several seminal discoveries related to genetic adaptation, flowering time and the mechanisms that control how plants perceive and respond to changes in their environment.

San Diego salkexcellerators receive a variety of invitations to visit the campus throughout the year for lectures, laboratory tours and special events. The next event, set for May 4, will feature Geoff Wahl, a professor in the Salk's Gene Expression Laboratory and former president of the American Cancer Society, who will discuss his findings in cancer research.

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