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Executive Message

William Brody

William R. Brody

This issue of INSIDE SALK celebrates the role that private philanthropy has played at the Salk Institute—a role that is assuming ever increasing importance as funding from the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies is shrinking and competition for grants to fund Salk research is intensifying. Our cover story presents compelling voices from the Salk discussing how private giving has shaped the cutting-edge science for which we are renowned and how it will accelerate discovery in the future.

The theme of philanthropy is woven throughout the contents of this issue, whether in announcements about new endowed chairs or a new faculty appointment to an existing chair, both demonstrating the impact and the timelessness of a gift to endowment, or an account of our longstanding Salk High School Scholars program, which is entirely supported by private gifts.

This issue's Discovery Roundup includes key research findings that help improve the human condition and were in part made possible by private donations and would not have advanced as rapidly without them. There have been many significant discoveries in neuroscience, cell biology, plant biology, stem cells and metabolism, but I would especially like to cite the two fascinating studies of circadian rhythms. Also on the science front, I think you will find the "One on one" with Tony Hunter particularly compelling. Tony is not only one of the Institute's most accomplished scientists but a generous donor in his own right, and he talks about why he feels it is so important to give back to the Institute.

Each of these articles draws a direct line from philanthropic support to the high-impact scientific advances that are our stock in trade, so it is only appropriate that we also pay homage to the very generous individuals and organizations who supported us this past year.

I hope you'll enjoy reading about the many facets of philanthropy at the Salk Institute and perhaps even take this opportunity to renew a gift or make a new one. I firmly believe that private contributions to Salk represent the very best of human nature in service to the very best in science.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support. It is one of the cornerstones of our success.