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Postdocs Honored with Glenn Center Fellowships

Liming Pei

Liming Pei

Seven Salk postdocs have received a total of $840,000 in research grants through the Institute's Glenn Center to pursue a research topic central to aging that involves at least two laboratories. They will each receive $60,000 for two years to cover their salaries, benefits and equipment.

The Glenn Center for Aging Research was established in January with a $5 million gift from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. Led by Andy Dillin, the Glenn Center draws from nine of Salk's leading laboratories specializing in genetic analysis, stem cell biology and metabolism research to address the overarching goal of defining a healthy lifespan, or healthspan, and answer one of the most elusive questions in biology: Is there a defined biological process of aging that is universal to all organisms?

The new Glenn Center Fellows are: Laure Crabbe, Toby Franks, Star Lee, Yair Pilpel, Lei Wang, Jamie Whyte, Katja Lamia.

In related news, researcher Liming Pei, who works in Ron Evans' lab, received a fellowship from the Francis Family Foundation. As a 2009 Parker B. Francis Fellow, Liming will receive $156,000 over three years in support of his research, which focuses on embryonic development of the lung.

Originally from China, Pei graduated from UCLA with a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Pathology in 2006 and joined the Evans lab that same year.